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Data Digest: CAO vs. CDO, Smarter Infrastructures, and the Future of Analytics

Articles today compare the role of CAOs and CDOs, revolutionizing data infrastructures, and using predictive analytics.

What to Know when Hiring a CAO or CDO
(Source: Datanami)

When putting data analytic policies in place, most enterprises will hire either a chief data officer or a chief analytic officer. Both positions are in high demand, but they require a huge portion of the budget and it is not always clear what they bring to the team. This article reviews what both positions should entail and which employee would best fit in your enterprise.


A Smarter Infrastructure for a Dumb World
(Source: ComputerWorld)

There are smart infrastructures that decide for us and dumb ones that let us decide. As data gets increasingly complex, the dumb infrastructures built are becoming obsolete because no human could possibly untangle the data in a timely fashion. That is why this article calls for a revolution in data infrastructure to have the infrastructure itself better set up to deliver the relevant information and analysis to the right people.

The Future of Analytics is Predictive
(Source: Datamation)

Predictive analytics is not a novel concept. The idea of predicting what consumers want and then giving it to them is fundamental to business success, yet before big data, such predictions were not always grounded in reality. This article provides the background on predictive analytics and its applicability in today’s enterprise.

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