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Data Digest: Open-Source Databases, Self-Service IT, and Security Fundamentals

Why open source is a good option for enterprise databases, plus how to implement self-service into IT and why sticking to security fundamentals is smart.

Open Source Delivers More than Just Low Cost for Databases
(Source: Datanami)

Most people would tell you that open source’s biggest attraction is that it is free. This article argues that there are plenty of other reasons to use open source databases in your enterprise, from quality to long-term viability.

Better Ways to Implement Self-Service into IT
(Source: Tech Republic)

Self-service usage in IT has led to more projects being done with the same amount of people, but there is still more it can do for your team. This article lists ten ways you can utilize self-service for greater IT value.

Stick to Fundamentals for Best Security
(Source: Information Week)

Due to the many reports on data leaks and hacks recently, plenty of enterprises are trying to find the newest and “most effective” security systems to keep safe. However, as this article demonstrates, the best security practices are the same basic ones that have been used forever.

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