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Data Digest: Nate Silver and Using Data for Business, Picking a Data Center, and Telling Data Stories with Storyboards

Tips for professionals in data-driven businesses, plus factors to look for in a data center and telling big data stories effectively.

Nate Silver: Tips for Using Data for Business
(Source: Tech Target)

Nate Silver knows a thing or two about data analysis. The man made famous for accurate voting predictions in the last elections has some tips for those in data-driven business fields based on his experiences running FiveThirtyEight.


Picking a Data Center: What to Look For
(Source: Data Center Knowledge)

Figuring out what data center is best for your enterprise requires looking closely at many aspects of your enterprise. This article goes down the list of the most important parts you need to pay attention to, from network bandwith and latency to balancing, when choosing which data center to choose.


Making Big Data Stories Understandable with Storyboards
(Source: Tech Republic)

Although visualizations done poorly can be misleading, crafting an accurate and captivating story from data is still an important job. Using a storyboard process to visualize the data can make the insights easy to understand and make the follow-through clear, as this article explains.

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