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Data Digest: Real-Time Streaming Analytics, Big Data's Unheard-of Influence, and Mis-en-Place Data Prep

Event streaming processing and real-time data analytics, the unsung impacts of big data, plus learning data prep from a French restaurant.

Making the Most of Real-Time Streaming Analytics
(Source: Datanami)

Real-time data analytics was a challenge at one point, but with event stream processing technology , that is no longer the case with the IoT and other software in place. This article discusses a few ways to benefit from streaming analytics plus why the IoT will make such analytics necessary.


Big Data’s Unheard-of Influences on the Enterprise World
(Source: Forbes)

Big data is thrown around as a buzzword to describe a multitude of new enterprise benefits and projects, but what has it really benefited? This article takes a close look at the unsung impacts of big data and how they are affecting enterprises around the globe.


Applying Mise en Place to Data Preparation
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

Before analyzing big data, you must first prepare the large amounts of unstructured clutter to do so. However, as this article explains, poor data prep is far too common and affects the end product. A better way to prepare data, this article argues, is to have the entire staff help prepare the data similar to how a French restaurant makes sure its ingredients are ready.  Make sure your data is ready for analysis so you’ll get accurate results.

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