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Data Digest: Don't Move Your Data, Data Centers in the Cloud, and Optimized Data Storage

Articles in this round-up focus on keeping your data right where it is, what makes the best data center in the cloud, and 7 storage features you should know.

Don’t Move Your Data
(Source: Datanami)

Moving all your information assets to the cloud is a hot trend in the enterprise world right now, but unless you see a clear advantage in doing so, there are plenty of reasons not to switch to the cloud. This article offers five reasons why you should keep your data in its current physical infrastructure.


Understanding What Makes a Better Data Center in the Cloud
(Source: Data Center Knowledge)

Although some enterprises may not see gains by switching to the cloud, there are plenty of others that can stand to benefit from a switch. However, it will take an in-depth understanding of the cloud in order to get the most from such a move. This article runs down the crucial parts of having a well-run data center in the cloud.


Storage Features That Help You Optimize, Deliver, and Control Your Data
(Source: Data Center Knowledge)

Revolutionary features are being added to data storage platforms, but few articles are talking about them. This article reveals seven of the most important new features added to current storage offerings that benefit storage control and infrastructure the most.

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