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Data Digest: Predicting the Future with Social Media, Tracking Employee Value, and Load Balancing

Social media and the future, metrics for valuing employees, and the importance of load balancing.

Predicting the Future with Social Media Data
(Source: Tech Target)

Using predictive analytics on social media data can be lucrative thanks to the large number large volume of data customers willingly share about themselves. However, although storing the data is not usually an issue, finding the right data from all the social media data gathered can be difficult, as this article explains.


The Best Metrics to Track for Valuing Your Employees
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

Managing large teams of people is tough, but many tools have come out recently that makes it easier to track how your team is doing both collectively and individually. The five most important metrics for tracking team members you manage is discussed in this article.


Understanding the Importance of Load Balancing
Source: Tech Republic)

Understanding everything your enterprise is connected to is important. Knowing the impact of load balancing is one small piece of making everything run smoothly, yet it is a hidden, not-talked-about area of the enterprise. This article gives a rundown on the basics and importance of load balancing.

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