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Data Digest: Unstructured, Dark, and Smartphone Data

We present three articles all focused on data: how to get insights from unstructured data, how to bring dark data to light to benefit your enterprise, and keeping data on smartphones secure.

Getting Insights from Unstructured Data
(Source: Computer World)

Unstructured data makes of 90% of all data an enterprise collects -- meaning that the huge amounts of data in your structured data lake is just 10 percent of the data you could have. As this article explains, the huge amounts of unstructured and qualitative data available for use can be what give you a leg up on data analysis.


Bringing Light to Dark Data
(Source: Datanami)

Dark data is information assets collected by an enterprise that ends up not being used for analysis. For some enterprises, 90 percent of their collected data may be dark data. Making sure the dark data is brought to light and used is the focus of this article.


Keeping Employee Data on Smartphones Secure
(Source: Information Age)

A CYOD or BYOD policy is inviting for employees but also for hackers. If crucial data is on employee smartphones, the data is extremely vulnerable. This and other mobile security issues are tackled in this article.

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