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Data Digest: Governance v. Management, Cloud v. Virtualization, and Growing Your Business with Big Data

Learning the right terminology is important. Two articles draw distinctions: one between data management and data governance, the other between cloud and data virtualization. Finally, five ways your enterprise can use big data to grow your business.

Sorting Out Data Management and Data Governance
(Source: Dataversity)

When working in the business of big data, you have to learn the jargon. Sometimes, that terminology can seem impenetrable with so many similar-sounding terms. This article focuses on the difference between data management and data governance.

Distinguishing between the Cloud and Virtualization
(Source: Information Age)

Many enterprises are looking to move to the cloud, but do they know what exactly moving to the cloud entails? This article points out the big differences between moving to the cloud and simply virtualizing your enterprise and why knowing which one you are trying to accomplish can save you money.

How Big Data Equals Bigger Business
(Source: Smart Data Collective)

Although big data is the future, it can be hard to figure out what big data can actually do for your enterprise. This article presents five ways your enterprise can use big data to grow your enterprise.

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