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Data Digest: Predictive Models, Customer Behavior, and Securing Your Most Valuable Data

When predictive models add value, why predicting buyer behavior is so tricky, and how to protect the 98 percent of your data hackers can use to get to the most valuable 2 percent.

When Is a Predictive Model Valuable?
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

Predictive models are useful only if they are well-made. This article reviews the abilities and limitations predictive models have, including situations where a predictive model is not needed and when one is useful.


How to Effectively Protect Your Most Valuable Data
(Source: Dark Reading)

The best hackers have a goal in mind when they try to hack an enterprise: your most valuable data.  You know, the two percent of data they can use as leverage to get what they want. This means that 98 percent of your data is not valuable to hackers, but as this article explains, they use that worthless data to get to the valuable data.  Here are four steps to keep your data safe.


Is it Possible to Determine Buyer Intent with Data Analytics?
(Source: Forbes)

Data analytics can be used to easily figure out what buyers have done in the past, but how easy is it to predict what they will do in the future? As this article points out, buyer intent is hard to analyze or even recognize using analytics.

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