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Data Digest: Making Data Glamorous, SaaS and Compliance, and Securing BYOD

How to make data sexy, plus securing employee data and keeping compliant with software-as-a-wervice.

Staying Compliant with SaaS
(Source: Computer Weekly)

Software-as-a-service is beneficial for most enterprises, but making sure you keep compliant with their terms of service can be difficult. This article discusses the major issues with compliance of SaaS and how to tackle them.


How to Make Your Data Glamorous
(Source: Click Z)

Data is an art form -- or rather, it could be with a little bit of work. This article discusses how to make your data into the most appealing form possible depending on what type of data you are beautifying and in what way.


Making BYOD Data Secure
(Source: Information Age)

A BYOD policy allows for work to be done anywhere. However, this usually results in the worker storing their work on a public cloud account such as Dropbox or sending themselves an e-mail with a valuable file on it, causing headaches for IT. This article reviews the best way to get around this security issue.

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