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Data Digest: Endpoint Data Migration, Data Visualizations, and Defusing the Database Time Bomb

Articles offer best practices for establishing the best data migration climate, tips for effective data visualization, and checking the health of your database.

Making Endpoint Data Migration Worry-Free
(Source: Information Age)

Far too much crucial enterprise data is being stored on endpoint devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) rather than on the central data center. Making sure that data gets migrated over to the data center is getting harder as the amount of data increases. This article offers best practices for making the proper climate for data migration.


Make Understanding Data Easier with Data Visualizations
(Source: Linked In/Pulse)

These days, the culture of multitasking and efficiency is harming our ability to make quick, smart decisions. Human brains struggle to deal with more than seven pieces of information at once and cannot multitask. This is why effective data visualization is crucial to help people make informed decisions, as long as they are as well-made as this article discusses.


Identifying and Defusing the Database Time Bomb
(Source: Database Trends and Applications)

Practically every enterprise completes a yearly audit to check the health of itsfinances, but how many of these check their database’s well-being with the same intensity? Recent headlines say “not enough”. This article reviews the signs that could foretell your enterprise’s database explosion and explains how to stop it.

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