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Data Digest: Selecting the Right RDBMS, Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise, and Outsourcing IT

Articles that piqued our interest include an overview of RDBMS options, how to calmly outsource IT, and why knowing your data is key to turning your company into a data-driven enterprise.

Knowing Your Data Key to Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise
(Source: Datanami)

The common strategy of enterprises attempting to adopt data analytics as a driving factor is to hire data scientists. That might work out some of the times, but data science may not be what your enterprise needs. Instead, do not rush the transition into a data-driven enterprise.  Start by understanding your enterprise’s data, then base decisions from there.

The Move-in Strategy for IT Outsourcing
(Source: CIO)

Most enterprises outsource IT to several providers. However, this practice has turned out to be costly and chaotic, leading to a shift in outsourcing strategy. This article discusses that shift from disarray to calm.


Selecting the Best Relational Database Management System
(Source: Enterprise Tech)

The high data volume being produced has made it difficult for enterprises to choose the right relational database management system. This article gives a rundown of the top systems available and which enterprises would benefit most from each option.

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