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Data Digest: Analytizing Big Data with Natural Language; Keeping Your Physical Infrastructure Safe; The Future of Data

Machines can't provide insights in a comprehensible language unless it can generate natural language. Plus, keeping your infrastructure safe and the best ways to utilize all the data you have available now.

Natural Language Generation is the Key to Analyzing Big Data
(Source: Forbes)

Big data analysis is currently being handled by humans, but the best analyzer for big data is a machine. However, machines cannot provide these insights in a comprehensible language, unless the machine has the natural language generation ability. This article outlines the necessary pieces for an effective data analyzer.


Keep Your Physical Infrastructure Safe with these Security Tips
(Source: Data Center Knowledge)

Cloud storage is the future, but most data centers are still physical and require their own security system. This article examines best practices for designing systems to protect physical infrastructures.

Experts Weigh in on the Future of Data
(Source: The Guardian)

We are still in the early times of the “data revolution.” Soon, everything will be connected and capturing all sorts of data, but early adopters are not yet able to get all they want from current data. The Guardian brought together a group of data experts to discuss the future of data as well as the best ways to utilize the current amounts of data available.

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