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Data Digest: Big Data Success at Caesars, Multi-Model Databases, Best Design Method for BI

Turning big data into a major success, multi-model database solves multiple database problems, and a "parent and child" method for spreading BI efficiently.

How to Make a Successful Big Data Project
(Source: CIO)

Caesars Entertainment, the huge gambling enterprise in Las Vegas, built its own big data analytics engine and turned it into a major success.

The Power of Multi-Model Databases in Data Modeling
(Source: O’Reilly Radar)

Data modeling is an important part of analysis, but there are problems with the traditional ways of doing it.  For example, having to use multiple databases for the same project can be a headache. The multi-model database solves that problem and many others. This article explores the use and function of multi-model databases.

The Best Design Method for Effective BI
(Source: Information Age)

Making the best decisions requires the best data, yet it can be difficult to get the best data to every team that needs it. It turns out that the most effective way to spread BI efficiently requires a “parent and child” method which this article explains in depth.

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