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Data Digest: Unreliable Data in Storytelling, Utilizing Security Logs for Analytics, and Mitigating Data Breaches

Data is an Unreliable Narrator
(Source: Information Age)

Seeking and producing a narrative from data is a form of analysis called storytelling. However, this method of analysis cannot be completely reliable if the narrative only provides one viewpoint. The best data analysis comes from looking at the data from all angles.


Utilizing Security Logs for an Analytic Purpose

(Source: Computer Weekly)

Security logs and the practice of log management are commonly associated with security, but they have applications for much else. From monitoring to real-time business insight, security logs have all sorts of uses besides security.


Mitigating Data Breaches
(Source: Computer World)

This article outlines effective ways to keep your data safe with tools used specifically for data security, unlike the Computer Weekly article. It recommends your enterprise focus on reducing the damage of a breach rather than focusing completely on preventing it. No enterprise is 100% invulnerable to attack, so it is best to protect all you can if (or when) an attack comes.

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