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Data Digest: Moving from Data Science to Predictive Analytics, Wearables and the Internet of Things, Keeping Safe Data Accurate

How to make a smooth transition from data science to predictive analytics, plus enterprises will adopt wearable technology before the public does, and keeping data accurate as important as keeping it safe.

Making the Move from Data Science to Predictive Analytics Easy
(Source: I Crunch Data)

Data science revolutionized business, but there is a newer, better tool at an enterprise’s disposal: predictive analytics. The move from data science to predictive analytics can be a difficult one for enterprises, but these tips will make the migration smoother.

Wearables a Test Drive for the Internet of Things

(Source: Computer Weekly)

The Apple Watch release has paved the way for mass consumer adoption of the IoT. However, according to new research, enterprises will embrace wearable technology first before the IoT gets to the public. This speed is necessary to keep up with business transformation as we enter the new age.

Keeping Data Accurate is as Important as Keeping it Safe

(Source: Information Week)

Data security is designed to protect against data theft but not against the very real threat of data alteration. Data is only useful when it is accurate, and if your data is hacked and even slightly changed, it can cause major problems. There are ways to defend your data from these hacks.

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