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Data Digest: Data Refinement, Data Security, and Finding Meaning and Purpose with Big Data

Collecting data needs an end goal; adding EQ and metadata tags can help. Plus making data refinement a top priority and protecting data from insider threats.

Finding Meaning and Purpose with Big Data
(Source: Computer World)

Some enterprises start collecting data without an end goal or purpose in mind. A lack of a motive behind data collection will not help your enterprise as much as having a resolution in mind. Adding EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) and metadata tags to your data is a great way to start working toward your goal.

Make Data Refinement Top Priority

(Source: Inside Big Data)

As it gets easier to collect and store huge quantities of data at breakneck speeds, it becomes more important that data scientists refine that information into answers. Although visualization tools are better at summarizing sets of data, it still takes human work to cull that data into something usable for analysis.

Protect Your Data from Insider Threats
(Source: The Australian) 

One-third of data security breaches are launched from the inside. Counterintelligence expert Keith Lowry claims that that number is much higher. Enterprises are spending vast amounts of money on protecting themselves from outside hackers but have not kept their data safe enough from dangerous insiders.

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