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Data Digest: Small Data, Big Data, and Geospatial Data

Tips for implementing big data, using geospatial data, and choosing wisely the data you analyze.

Small Data is the Present, Big Data is the Future
(Source: Datanami)

Enterprises admit that they only analyze 12 percent of the data they collect, leaving a huge amount of data uselessly lying around. The amount of data collected is staggering and this article explores the benefit to enterprises of focusing on collecting smaller amounts of data they can analyze in a shorter time.


Come with a Plan when Implementing Big Data 
(Source: Computer Weekly)

Enterprises have always analyzed structured data, but it has only been recently that the value and importance of unstructured data has become clear.  It takes data governance to make sure your enterprise is analyzing unstructured data efficiently; know what you want to get out of this big data before going in.


5 Use Cases for Geospatial Data
(Source: Datanami)

Geospatial data can be just as important as any other type of data when it comes to data analytics. It takes the right kind of analytics to squeeze out importance from geospatial data.  This article provides five ways geospatial data is utilized efficiently today.

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