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TDWI Radio News: InetSoft Focuses on Operational Business Intelligence

Going with the flow, InetSoft embraces open standards while pushing operational business intelligence.

In the ever-evolving universe of software development, an ongoing debate continues: open-source versus closed-source. On one side of that fence, developers and others tout the value of agreeing on a set of transparent standards; on the other side, the quest for proprietary advantage prevails.

One company that touts the value of open standards is InetSoft. Even their slogan touts this vision: open standards innovation. “There’s no need to argue over the plumbing,” says company CEO Luke Liang. He says his company has been doing well these days by embracing openness on the standards debate, while extolling the value of operational business intelligence (BI).

Tune into this TDWI Radio News segment to learn:

  • What InetSoft brings to the table, functionality-wise
  • Why company executives say operational BI is getting popular
  • What data block technology is all about
  • Why InetSoft joined the open-source movement, BIRT

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About the Author

Eric Kavanagh is the president of Mobius Media, a strategic communications consultancy. You can contact the author at [email protected].

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