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From the Editor

“Time is on my side,” the Rolling Stones sang back in 1965. Things have certainly changed since then. In today’s fast-paced BI world, there’s nothing as important as timely and accurate information—available right now. Real-time (and near-real-time) information is ever-increasingly a necessity.

Rahul Asthana examines time (and BI) by looking into the future, explaining how to unlock vital information by embracing predictive analytics. He explores how best to use such analytics as a potent competitive weapon.

Our Experts’ Perspective authors this quarter, Ripley Maddock and James Taylor, are also looking into the future, providing their perspective and recommendations on how an organization can move from an existing data warehouse to one using predictive analytics.

Sami Akbay looks at the growing necessity in today’s global data-driven market for real-time data warehousing, and offers two examples of companies that have achieved cost efficiencies with this approach.

Thilini Ariyachandra and senior editor Hugh J. Watson focus on the here and now by sharing the results of their study about customer success and satisfaction with today’s data warehouse architectures.

Time—in the form of better operational performance—is also on the mind of Alan Lundberg, who looks at the problems of data integration and the rising (over)abundance of data. The author explores how to avoid problems in implementing complex event processing technology and the problems this technology solves.

Finally, Philip On examines how an enterprise information management strategy (combining familiar and new methods for addressing data integration, data quality, semantic reconciliation, and metadata management) is key to an enterprise’s ability to offer insight and visibility—hallmarks of any data warehouse.

The future offers change, of course, and in this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal we begin that change. The Journal will now include features on two annual reports: TDWI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report and BI Benchmark Report. Each issue will include the Ten Mistakes to Avoid series (Wayne Eckerson looks at creating performance dashboards) and other articles from TDWI Research. We trust you find this new format more convenient and easier to use.

As always, we’re interested in your comments. Please send me your feedback: [email protected].

James E. Powell is the editorial director of the Business Intelligence Journal.

This article originally appeared in the issue of TDWI.

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