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Sell Your Boss on Membership

Copy the note below into an email to your manager to start the conversation about joining TDWI Membership. Fill in the spots that apply to your interests.

Dear [Manager Name],

I’ve been researching education options for me and my team and believe that TDWI Membership would be a beneficial resource for us to have. The membership community provides self-service access to unique TDWI research like Best Practices Reports and Checklist Reports, special member-only publications like Ten Mistakes to Avoid and the annual Teams Report, on-demand webinars, videos from conferences and seminars, and more.

Premium memberships provide a full year of access for $275 per person, which allows for 24/7 access to these resources, plus special discounts on TDWI events and online learning courses. If we join as a team, we get price breaks depending on the size of our group.

Would you approve [a(n) individual/team] membership? I’m specifically interested in [X - Please fill in your personal requests here, if applicable].

If you’d like to see a full list of benefits, you can find those here. Thank you for considering my request and I look forward to discussing this further.

[Your Name]

Copy Letter

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    TDWI provides member publications as electronic documents for download. You will receive email notifications when new member publications and research are available on

  • Germany, Switzerland, and Austria Premium Memberships

    Für Fragen rund um den TDWI Germany e.V. für die Länder Deutschland, Schweiz und Österreich, kontaktieren Sie bitte Tanja Kenda. (If you are from Germany, Switzerland, or Austria and would like to become a TDWI Member, please contact Tanja Kenda.)