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Build your business intelligence and analytic skills with in-depth and interactive online courses taught by industry experts and in-the-trenches practitioners. Each course offers an engaging on-demand learning experience featuring video, audio, quizzes, exams, and more. Connect with instructors and other learners to share ideas, master concepts, and gain access to real-world best practices.

Featured Courses

  • TDWI Analytics Fundamentals

    A full course overview of analytics, from foundational principles to how and why to implement.

    Analytics is a hot topic, but also a complex topic. This continuously growing field now includes descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Applied analytics including optimization, simulation, and automation expand the scope. Data growth also fuels the complexity – unstructured data, big data, social data, data streams, and more. Advanced analytics continues to expand with complex event processing, machine learning, cognitive computing, etc.

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  • TDWI Data Science Bootcamp

    TDWI’s first-ever Data Science Bootcamp will lay the groundwork for your journey to becoming data scientist. This intensive learning experience covers the most important aspects of a data scientist’s role. You’ll learn essential data science skills directly from today’s data science thought leaders.

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  • Data Visualization Fundamentals

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  • TDWI Advanced Data Modeling Techniques

    Jonathan Geiger view course
  • TDWI Data Governance Innovations

    Designed to take on the important topic of governing data within the fast-moving environment we live in today with the considerable changes in the environment that are forcing us to change our thinking about Data Governance and adapt.

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  • TDWI Dimensional Data Modeling Primer

    Delve into metrics to understand the factors that contribute to reported results.

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  • TDWI Predictive Analytics Fundamentals

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  • Business Analytics Bundle

    3 full day courses

    • Analytics Fundamentals
    • Predictive Analytics Fundamentals
    • Data Visulaization Fundamentals
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  • Data Modeling Bundle

    3 full day courses

    • Dimensional Data Modeling Primer
    • Data Modeling
    • Advanced Data Modeling Techniques
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  • Learn from TDWI Experts

    Industry leaders providing you real world experience

  • In-Depth and Actionable

    In-depth education that can be applied to your work tomorrow

  • Learn on the go

    Access on-demand training anywhere and anytime

What Sets TDWI Apart?

TDWI provides a comprehensive portfolio of business and technical education and research designed to give you the skills you and your company need to enhance analytical, data-driven decision making and performance.

  • All things data

    TDWI offers the most comprehensive coverage of data-related topics, including business intelligence, data warehousing, big data, advanced analytics, and more.

  • In-depth, vendor-neutral education

    Take advantage of in-depth full-day or half-day courses. Your training will apply to any vendor solution and any employer.

  • Quality, vetted instructors

    TDWI faculty possess both real-world experience and theoretical knowledge and are trained to teach.

  • Community of learning

    TDWI has built a world-class community of practitioners, analysts, educators, and solution providers who provide a credible and independent source of knowledge.

  • Immediate impact

    Apply what you learn in the classroom today to your work tomorrow. The focus is on practical education you can use immediately.

  • 20 years of excellence

    For more than 20 years, our research analysts and education directors have tracked technologies and trends to bring you the most comprehensive, timely education available.

Trusted By the World's Leading Companies

TDWI is a trusted training partner for more than 95% of the Fortune 100

  • Apple
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Nationwide
  • NBC
  • Samsung
  • Target
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  • Facebook
  • Starbucks


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