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Developing Your Company’s Data Strategy Roadmap

Duration: Three Day Workshop

TDWI Certificate Track

Prerequisite: None

Course Outline

We’re drowning in data. We’ve got transactional systems generating an ocean of data, we’ve got cloud systems creating terabytes of content, and we’ve invested in analytical platforms and tools to convert all of that data into information. However, we still can’t find the data we need, we still can’t use the data we have, and the business users are still frustrated that they have to wait.

Is there a plan?

The technology team has an application architecture, a platform architecture, standard tools, and a scrum-based development methodology. The business teams have application plans, DevOps teams, iterative development, and terabytes of hidden data copies. Plus, every activity is an individual project, a single-point solution, and independent of every other task. There’s no economies of scale—no plan ensuring that team members can share data and tools, and that business users can become self-sufficient with data.

There’s always a challenge of where to start, what to do, and who should participate. In this workshop, we’ll put the pieces in place and lay out the steps and activities to build a custom roadmap for your company. We’ll develop reusable templates, identify survey questions, identify the participants, and even identify the individuals involved in building and maintaining your data strategy.

This workshop isn’t an academic discussion about the theory and ideology of a data strategy; it’s a tactical activity to prepare you to build your own data strategy. We’ll discuss and review your company’s business goals, the technology environment’s needs, development obligations, and your BI/DW environment.

In this three-day workshop, we’ll teach you the details of data strategy, how to gather and identify needs, and how to construct the artifacts and deliverables for a data strategy roadmap.

You Will Learn

  • Constructing a Corporate Data Strategy
    • The 5 key components of a data strategy
    • Activity phases and deliverables
    • Research and analysis methods and deliverables
    • Artifact customization and participant identification
  • Building a BI/Analytics Roadmap
    • Identifying organizational strengths and needs
    • Developing the business portfolio
    • Information gathering and analysis techniques
    • Portfolio and roadmap construction

Geared To

  • Data management staff (data architects, data developers, data modelers)
  • Requirements management/gathering staff
  • Data governance staff
  • Business/data analysts
  • Data stakeholders

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