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TDWI Information Dashboards: Requirements, Design, and Deployment

Duration: Three Day Workshop

TDWI Certificate Track

Prerequisite: None

Course Outline

The TDWI Dashboards and Visualization workshop prepares attendees to deliver powerful information dashboards at any scale—from personal or departmental solutions built with self-service tools to professionally engineered enterprise solutions that incorporate advanced analytics and machine learning.

During this three-day workshop, attendees will learn how to take business challenges and translate them into requirements for effective information dashboards. Attendees will also learn how to define key performance indicators for any decision maker based on performance management principles and how visualization standards ensure insights are communicated clearly and translated into action.

You Will Learn

  • How to connect requirements to business impact and value
  • The distinction between business, functional, and technical requirements
  • Where and how requirements fit into various projects and development lifecycles
  • How to apply the techniques for BI and analytics requirements
  • Why requirements management is essential and how it is performed
  • How to identify, define, and select measures, metrics, and performance indicators for business impact
  • Frameworks for dashboard development
  • The processes, deliverables, and techniques of dashboard engineering and self-service dashboard development
  • How to combine dashboards and scorecards for performance management
  • How Balanced Scorecard and strategy mapping techniques are used to identify and define business-aligned KPIs
  • Visualization as a communication medium
  • Preparing data for visualization
  • Components of visualization
  • Visual exploration and analysis
  • Visual design techniques
  • Extending visualization with infographics
  • Visual storytelling and data visualization tools

Geared To

  • Business and systems analysts, BI and analytics program managers and project managers, Agile and DevOps process managers, Solution developers
  • Enterprise dashboard developers, Self-service dashboard developers, Dashboard and scorecard designers and developers, BI architects and program/project managers
  • Data analysts, Data scientists and analytics modelers, Business analytics leaders and managers, BI leaders and managers
  • Anyone who uses data to develop charts and graphs for communication

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