TDWI Infographics

Download TDWI Infographics for illustrated snapshots of the latest pertinent findings and vital statistics from TDWI Research. Then access the associated Best Practices Reports for more in-depth information on how to take advantage of these trends in your organization.

Infographic // Next-Generation Analytics and Platforms

February 27, 2015

How are organizations using next-generation analytics and what are their plans for future analytics? This collection of figures offers examples of both the analytics and the infrastructure necessary for next-generation analytics: who’s using the technology, how they are using it, and what they will be analyzing in the future.

Infographic // Real-Time Data, BI, and Analytics

October 16, 2014

User organizations continue to push their applications for business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management closer to real-time operation. They realize that fresh information can support fast-paced, time-sensitive business processes, such as operational BI, real-time management dashboards, just-in-time inventory, and facility monitoring.

Infographic // Business-Driven Business Intelligence and Analytics

July 17, 2014

IT’s role in business intelligence (BI) and analytics remains vital, but the spotlight today is on “business-driven” BI and analytics. The trend is driven by easier-to-use technologies as well as strong business user interest in driving more of their decisions and actions with data.

Infographic // Evolving Data Warehouse Architectures for Big Data

May 30, 2014

Data warehouse architecture is more critical than ever in order to make sense of, govern, and optimize the complicated multi-platform DW environments that many user organizations are building.

Infographic // Predictive Analytics

April 10, 2014

How can implementing predictive analytics provide business advantage for your organization? Find out new use cases, users, and data types in this TDWI Infographic.

Infographic // Integrating Hadoop with BI

April 3, 2014

Find out the top applications, use cases, languages, and more for integrating Hadoop with business intelligence and data warehousing.

Infographic // Big Data Management

April 2, 2014

Big data management is an amalgam of old and new best practices, skills, teams, data types, and home-grown or vendor-built functionality. All of these are expanding and realigning so that businesses can fully leverage big data.

Infographic // Data Visualization and Discovery

April 2, 2014

Use dashboards, operational alerting, visual analytics, data discovery, and more to enhance decision making in your organization.

Infographic // Achieving Agility with BI

April 1, 2014

Agility is about being fast, flexible, and responsive to change, and it's a critical success factor for nearly all organizations.