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Confidence in Analytics Begins with the Data

Organizations need to adjust data quality processes to fit the requirements of analytics rather than stick with what they have established for standard BI reporting.

Q&A: Advanced Analytics Crucial to Healthcare Evolution (Part 1 of 2)

In healthcare's ongoing transformation, analytics -- in particular prescriptive analytics -- is playing an important and growing role, explains Meg Aranow, an expert in healthcare and BI.

How Enterprises are Overcoming the Data Scientist Scarcity

What can your organization do to overcome the lack of data scientists?

Q&A: Shifting Emphasis on Speed over Consistency Changes Data Landscape

An adaptive decision-making process can bring together business factions and help knit different processes together. Well-known author and consultant Barry Devlin explains how in this, the second part of a two-part interview.

An Alternative to Centralizing Big Data

This alternative strategy to "centralize everything" recognizes the sheer physics problem of moving, storing, and processing huge volumes of data as well as the time, cost, and risk of attempting to do so.

A Closer Look at Looker

Looker claims that its take on BI self-service permits business analysts or other savvy user types to build their own dashboard or analytic views.

Can Hadoop Replace My ETL Tool?

The answer is: It depends. ETL and ELT jobs vary a lot. Hadoop is suitable for some but not others.