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Streaming Toward the Future

From continuous analytics to operational intelligence to good old complex event processing, the future is one of streams: lots and lots of streams.

Kalido Reborn

Data warehousing specialist Kalido and business intelligence stalwart Noetix have been merged into a new meta-entity: Magnitude Software.

Introducing Active Data Archiving: 4 Goals Every Enterprise Must Know

Long ignored, data archiving in most organizations today needs to be rethought and upgraded so it achieves modern goal.

Why Your BI Model Should Include an Uplift Model

Instead of forecasting whether a prospect will take an action once they're contacted, persuasion modeling attempts to measure whether customers will take an action only if they're contacted.

5 Steps to Turning Big Data into Smart Data (Part 2 of 2)

Most data is dumb; it is hard to find, hard to combine with other data, and hard to understand. If data is dumb, then big data is very dumb. Here are five steps to making it smart.

Making Real-Time Analytics a Reality

In-memory analytics processing and access to live data is finally achievable and will make active live analytics a real possibility, and that opens up a new area of information processing and exchange.

Personal Data Collection: Privacy Concerns May Degrade Data Quality

In an effort to protect their privacy, consumers may be providing merchants with inaccurate data.

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