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A New Requirements-Gathering Technique for Building Applications Users will Embrace

Like most organizations, you are probably struggling to gather the true requirements of a project. Learn how using the BI Dashboard Formula can foster a higher user adoption rate of your completed application.

"Data Driven" Requires Good Data Management

From a business perspective, big data it is about competing on analytics and making the entire organization more data driven. We explore two key points organizations seeking to become more data-driven should address.

Relieving the Pain of the BI Back Room with Data Warehouse Automation

Data warehouse automation is more than simply automation of ETL development. It automates the entire data warehousing life cycle from planning, analysis, and design through development and extending into operations, maintenance, and change management. Dave Wells explains the benefits of the technology.

Q&A: New Tools Mean Big Data Dives Can Yield Fast Results

Users can explore and analyze even massive data sets quickly with new tools and platforms now available.

Effecting Change with an Analytics Proof of Value

Having all the data can't help your company improve its overall operations. To drive and maintain BI adoption, an organization you must understand that change must be managed through three stages in five simple steps.

Teradata Gets Unorthodox

At TDWI's recent Executive Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, Teradata veteran Dan Graham got downright heretical, at least from the perspective of data management orthodoxy. The problem, Graham argued, is that DBAs tend to be a little bit too conservative, too orthodox. That must and will change, he says.

Marketing IT In-House: The Role of Failure in BI Success

Welcome failure as a source of feedback that leads to success.

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