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Data Digest: Analytics and Hep-C, Teamwork Key to Big Data, and IoT Open to All

Articles of interest to business intelligence and data warehouse professionals today include a big data analytics healthcare case study in Michigan, the importance of cross-department cooperation in maximizing big data's benefits, and using IoT in any industry.

Data Digest: Small Data, Big Data, and Geospatial Data

Tips for implementing big data, using geospatial data, and choosing wisely the data you analyze.

Hadoop, Cheap Storage, and Parallel Processing

Casting Hadoop as a platform for cheap storage -- e.g., a Hadoop-based "data lake" -- only gets at half of what makes Hadoop new, compelling, and uniquely valuable.

Marketing IT In-House: Define the BI Conversation for User Management

IT teams can influence how executive managers think and talk about their business intelligence needs.

Q&A: Centralized Governed Architecture Needed for Today's BI

s BI expands its footprint across the enterprise, centralized management and governance are key.

Data Digest: Big Data Best Practices, Data Lakes, and DW in the Cloud

Three experts offer suggestions for maximizing your use of big data. Plus how not to down in a data lake, and the pluses and minuses of warehousing your data in the cloud.

Data Digest: Data Analytics and Genetics, Self-Service Adoption, and Avoiding the IoT Data Flood

How analytics is helping Celgene eliminate waste and deliver the right drugs to the right patients. Plus the key to encouraging self-service analytics adoption, and how to manage the flood of data after connecting to the Internet of things.