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Decision Makers Reveal Practices, Problems with Using Enterprise Data

Most survey respondents give their organizations a high grade for its ability to leverage data for making decisions, but problems persist.

The BI Year That Was: 2014

The year that was 2014 was a transitional year in business intelligence and data management, with vendors emphasizing data visualization, storytelling, databases, Spark, and intriguing inventions.

Teradata's QueryGrid Comes into Focus

Teradata debuts key deliverables in its QueryGrid initiative.

That Was the Year That Was: Major Data Warehousing Events of 2014 (and Predictions for 2015)

All seven predictions the author made last year came true. What's ahead for 2015? Here are seven new predictions for the New Year.

Emerging Technologies and Methods for Streaming Analytics

Getting the greatest business value from streaming data requires new approaches to real-time operations and analytics.

Alpine Enables Predictive Analytics for the Rest of Us

Chorus from Alpine Data Labs is a predictive analytics tool designed for data scientists and business analysts. With its new Chorus 5.0 release, Alpine says it's reaching out to not-so-techie consumers, too.

Analysis: Is OLTP and DW on the Same Platform Such a Good Idea?

Is the notion of a combined platform for OLTP and data warehousing an idea whose time has come?