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Data Digest: Good Data Organization Pays Off Big, Pervasive BI Needs Governance, and Keep IT Up to Date

Keep IT staff trained, your data organized, and data access under control.

Q&A: How Hadoop Blew Open the Door to Next Generation of Computing

A paper in the early 2000s about Google MapReduce helped to democratize distributed computing. A veteran of the industry discusses that time and the huge changes that continue to unfold today.

Data Digest: Mining Unstructured Data, Migrating to In-Memory, and Small Enterprise Data Security

Tips for harnessing unstructured data, protecting data in a small and midsize business, and migrating to in-memory computing.

Changing Publishing Industry Drives Need for New Analytics

Changes are occurring in the publishing industry as digital distribution platforms grow in importance and print distribution declines. In this two-part series, we examine and describe the new business environment and how data analytics can help.

Modernizing the Data Warehouse

A new report from TDWI Research aims to provide a primer for modernizing the data warehouse.

Data Digest: Managing Mainframes, Successful IoT, and Data Analytics and Customer Service

Articles focusing on crafting personal customer service, succeeding with IoT, and changes needed if mainframes are to remain relevant.

Data Digest: Maximizing Content Analytics, Picking or Making Your Own Data Storage System

Seven ways to extract the greatest benefit from content analytics, plus choosing between object store and HDFS (or building your own) data storage system.