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Revolution Analytics' Future with Microsoft

Microsoft has acquired Revolution Analytics, which makes enterprise-grade products for the open source R statistical analysis and programming environment. It isn't Microsoft's foray into open source -- although, from a BI standpoint, it's arguably its most exciting. Just what does Revolution Analytics bring to Microsoft, and what can Microsoft do for Revolution?

Can Hadoop Replace a Data Warehouse?

It depends on what you think a data warehouse is and what your organization is trying to do with it.

Understanding Hadoop: Foundations for Developing an Analytics Culture

What is core -- and important -- to understand about Hadoop and its adoption into the enterprise.

Machine Learning Made Simple?

Skytree says its Infinity machine-learning platform picks up where BI leaves off.

What Visibility into Machine Data Transactions Can Do for Your Organization

Machine data is about more than just anticipating outages and maintenance. When machine data is used to its fullest, it informs business decisions to drive business performance.

Q&A: Fine-Tune Your Approach to Gathering BI Requirements (Part 2 of 2)

BI projects call for a different approach to requirements gathering, as long-time TDWI faculty member Jonathan Geiger of Intelligent Solutions explains.

Your Data Scientist IQ

What are data scientists, what do they do, and what skills do they have?