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Does Gender Matter in BI Salaries?

Results from TDWI's newest Salary Survey show continued wage disparity by gender.

Big Data is All the Rage, But Dimensional Data Warehouses Get the Job Done

Although there's considerable potential in big data, overinvesting in the technology can starve what produces consistent value and more predictable ROI: dimensional data warehousing.

The Business, the Data, and the CIO

It's time to revolutionize IT and how it handles business intelligence data

Industrial Revolution 4.0: BI in the Automobile Industry

As the automobile industry illustrates with its innovative use of business intelligence, the next industrial revolution will be knowledge-based.

TimeXtender Accelerates Your SQL Server Data Warehouse

Data warehouse automation specialist TimeXtender says it has just the thing for your SQL Server data warehouse.

Why Data Agility is a Key Driver of Big Data Technology Development

Hadoop and Apache Drill can help you guide your organization's agility towards real-time business impact.

Self-Service BI vs. Data Governance

If your organization demands agile self-service BI and data discovery, don't forget data governance.