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Industrial Revolution 4.0: BI in the Automobile Industry

As the automobile industry illustrates with its innovative use of business intelligence, the next industrial revolution will be knowledge-based.

TimeXtender Accelerates Your SQL Server Data Warehouse

Data warehouse automation specialist TimeXtender says it has just the thing for your SQL Server data warehouse.

Why Data Agility is a Key Driver of Big Data Technology Development

Hadoop and Apache Drill can help you guide your organization's agility towards real-time business impact.

Self-Service BI vs. Data Governance

If your organization demands agile self-service BI and data discovery, don't forget data governance.

The New IT: Dyché Outlines 6 Archetypes

Business and IT are gaining newfound respect for one another.

The Seven Habits of Highly Data-Scientific Organizations

Want to be a data science star? Heed this advice from an industry veteran.

Q&A: Prescriptive Analytics to Play Big Role in Transforming Healthcare (Part 2 of 2)

As healthcare becomes more efficient and effective, prescriptive analytics will play a crucial role, according to Meg Aranow, and expert in healthcare and BI.