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TDWI Executive Summit

Advanced Analytics

February 13–14, 2023

Executive Summit Agenda

The clock is ticking.

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Accelerating Analytics and AI for Better Business Outcomes

Amid fast-changing, unpredictable times, leaders in organizations are looking to analytics to “let the data speak” so they have clarity about what is happening now, why, and what the future holds.

In recent TDWI research, 41% say generating new business strategies and models using analytics is a key focus. Building from a strong data foundation, organizations want to develop and deploy analytics and AI to drive better business outcomes.

Top priorities today include analytics and AI/ML for trusted customer engagement, personalization to increase customer loyalty, rapid and agile expansion into new markets and channels, and insights that lead to efficient and interconnected business operations.

Learn how you can get past legacy constraints to accelerate analytics and AI for better business outcomes at the TDWI Las Vegas Executive Summit. Join two days of intensive thought leadership sessions, roundtable discussions, a hands-on workshop, and real-world case studies.

Register for the Executive Summit today and maximize your time at the event: come for the summit, stay for additional training at TDWI Las Vegas, including courses on data strategy, analytics for business users, data visualization, and more.

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What to Expect

This focused, interactive event will help you succeed with analytics and AI/ML and align your underlying data strategy to meet user requirements. Analytics and AI/ML projects are critical to adapting quickly to changing consumer interests and uncertainty in markets and the economy. The data is out there—the Executive Summit will help you leverage its value through predictive insights and faster decisions across business operations.

  • Hands-On Workshop

    Explainability is critical for building trust and confidence in AI models both inside and outside your organization. The objective is to enable humans to explain decisions made by AI algorithms. Participate in an engaging workshop designed for executives, data scientists, and AI/ML developers focused on achieving explainable AI and addressing current regulations. You will learn practical insights for solving “black box” problems.

  • Best-Practice Case Studies

    TDWI is excited to feature case studies from leading organizations addressing how they solved business problems, overcame challenges, and met analytics, AI/ML, and data objectives.

  • Expert Sessions

    Take advantage of TDWI’s renowned faculty and analyst team sharing best practices and new research, and hear invited thought leaders from around the world discuss how they are moving the market forward.

  • Productive Time OOO

    If you’re going to travel or take time for professional development, it better be productive. TDWI Las Vegas is the perfect event for teams to get hands-on training in half-day courses, while executives collaborate in the two-day Executive Summit.

What You Will Learn

Take home from the TDWI Executive Summit in Las Vegas practical knowledge about the latest practices and technology trends to increase your organization’s return on investment in analytics, AI/ML, and data management.

  • Best practices from a real-world perspective to help you move forward and avoid pitfalls
  • Analytics for improving agility in the face of unexpected events or trends
  • How to use MLOps practices to scale up development and production efficiently
  • Processes and methods for explainable AI to increase trust and confidence
  • Best practices for operationalizing and embedding analytics for business value
  • Data strategies for data science, including meeting the needs of democratized self-service “citizen” data scientists
  • Tips for improving analytics team leadership and gaining C-suite support and budget
  • Thought leadership focused on maximizing the value of data for analytics and AI/ML
  • Insights into technology trends so you can select the right tools and data platforms to grow analytics and AI/ML

Who's Attending

  • Business executives and line-of-business managers
  • CAOs, CDOs, VPs, and directors of BI and analytics
  • IT executives, including CIOs and chief data officers
  • Managers of analytics teams

Let's Network

TDWI Las Vegas will have lots of opportunities for you to engage with one another and safely make the most of the experience! Take advantage of opportunities to validate analytics plans and get to know fellow data leaders during social sessions throughout the event.

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