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CASE STUDY: Revolutionizing Healthcare Claims Processing: A Case Study Leveraging AI/ML for Payment Intelligence

August 7, 2023

Prerequisite: None

Priya Iragavarapu

Vice President, Center of Delivery Excellence


This case study presents a novel approach for optimizing healthcare claims processing through the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The focus is on demonstrating how AI and ML can be effectively deployed to spot patterns and anomalies in claims data, enhance detection of inaccuracies, and expand opportunities for recoupment of payments.

The strategy was successfully utilized for a large healthcare payer company, offering them substantial benefits such as optimization of claims review processing, reduction in manual claims review efforts, and elevated financial gain. As such, this initiative plays a pivotal role in minimizing waste, abuse, and errors that are often encountered in conventional healthcare claims processing.

The application of AI and ML in this sphere is rapidly gaining traction, anticipated to yield substantial influence on the healthcare industry's future landscape. This case study delves into this emerging trend, providing insights and examples from the implementation, highlighting both the potential challenges and rewards. Ultimately, the presentation underscores the transformative potential of AI and ML in revolutionizing healthcare payment intelligence and fostering industry-wide efficiency.

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