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TDWI Transform 2024

San Diego | Aug 4–9

The Value of In-Person Training with TDWI

Why In-Person Training Matters

In a world where remote work is becoming the standard, the importance of stepping away from your home office and engaging with your peers in person cannot be overstated. With over 25 years of education and research experience, TDWI has built a dynamic event community that brings together data professionals from around the globe.

  • Expert Insights and Networking Opportunities: TDWI events feature industry-leading speakers and a diverse group of data enthusiasts from various sectors.
  • Immersive Learning Experience: Hands-on workshops, leadership-focused summit sessions, and interactive classes offered at TDWI events are designed to deepen your knowledge and skills.
  • Renew Your Passion and Spark New Ideas: In-person events are not just about learning new skills; they are about rekindling your enthusiasm and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving field.

Don't just take our word for it. Our past attendees consistently highlight the transformative benefits of attending TDWI conferences and summits. From gaining actionable insights to expanding your professional network, the value of in-person training is clear.

Benefits of Attending In-Person

recommended icon 98% of attendees would recommend TDWI in-person and virtual events to friends or colleagues.
skills icon 97% of attendees said the skills acquired at TDWI Transform are useful in their day-to-day work.
trophy icon 8 out of 10 attendees say the learning experience at TDWI is better than other conferences.


quote The biggest benefit of attending was reaffirming the direction we are taking in our data program at work, and we will be taking the knowledge here to ensure our data program is a success. Director of Data Strategy TDWI Transform Chicago Attendee

quote The conference was packed with practical knowledge and templates from industry experts, which will help me build my organization's roadmaps. I appreciate learning actionable insights rather than just hypothetical or conceptual ideas. Business Intelligence Manager TDWI Transform Nashville Attendee

quote Information gained was invaluable and speakers sharing practical use cases made some of the challenges easy to relate to, therefore unlocking new ways to address current challenges in my organization! Chief Data Officer Modern Data Leader's Summit Attendee

quote Taking conceptual methods I learned back to my organization so that we can begin implementing tomorrow. Other vendor conferences are heavy on sales pitches. This was the opposite of that and heavy on conceptual strategies for better use of data. Data Scientist TDWI Transform Chicago Attendee

quote I liked attending the Modern Data Leader's Summit for its survey of several topics related to a central theme. It sparks thoughts and considerations of future directions for my area. Enterprise Data Architect Modern Data Leader's Summit Attendee

quote Attending TDWI Transform helped validate my architecture, it's crucial to have these discussions to prevent us from becoming detached in our field. Participating provided invaluable insights and fostered a sense of connection within our community. Senior Systems Architect TDWI Transform Chicago Attendee

quote The Modern Data Leader's Summit helped validate the data management journey that our organization is on and that we're certainly on the right trajectory and potentially a leader in our space. Enterprise Data Architect Modern Data Leader's Summit Attendee

quote I really enjoyed getting to meet my peers and hear about the issues they are facing and compare notes. Meeting the vendors was also helpful as I was exposed to new tools that may help with challenges my organization is facing. Solutions Consultant TDWI Transform Chicago Attendee

quote Interacting with the vendors was particularly beneficial. Overall, the networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities provided by the conference were truly exceptional. Data Analyst TDWI Transform Chicago Attendee

quote Classes from experienced practitioners who bring in a lot of live examples and use cases to the class from the field. Printed course materials. Gaining knowledge about current and upcoming IT technologies and processes. Training Coordinator TDWI Transform Chicago Attendee

quote 12 sessions of master-level classes in 6 days. That was a bucket full of days slicing and dicing data strategies and architecture concepts. These classes are a great opportunity to learn from experts and share our experiences with them to gain deeper insights. Data Engineer TDWI Transform Chicago Attendee

quote By attending TDWI Transform, I enhanced my understanding of data governance, enabling me to clearly communicate its benefits to senior leadership; it’s done a lot for my career to have actionable skills in-hand. Senior Systems Architect TDWI Transform Chicago Attendee

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TDWI San Diego

Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
1380 Harbor Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
August 4–9