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Copy the note below into an email to your manager to illustrate the ROI when you attend our TDWI Anaheim Conference.

You may also want to remind them about the upcoming deadline for Super Early Registration discount of 20% by June 15, and that if you register three or more employees from your company or government agency at the same time, the entire team receives an additional 10% discount. All registration forms must be submitted together to qualify.

Dear [manager-name]:

I would like to attend the TDWI Anaheim Conference, August 5–10, 2018.

TDWI Anaheim is the leading conference focused on analytics, big data, and data science training. TDWI events are well-known for providing attendees with cutting-edge, actionable insights that can be applied immediately to advance critical big data and analytics projects. You can watch a great video on what makes TDWI events different here.

I can select from more than 50 half- and full-day courses amongst four core learning tracks, five fast tracks, and a two-day bootcamp:

    Core Tracks:
  • Data Infrastructure & Technologies
  • Modern Data Management
  • Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics
  • Data Strategy & Leadership
    Fast Tracks:
  • Hands-On Lab Series
  • Machine Learning Immersive
  • TDWI Foundations
  • Modern Data Governance
  • Data Modeling for the Future
  • Data Science Bootcamp—Certificate Track

If we register before June 15, we can save 20% for a savings of up to $915. In addition, if we register three or more people from our team, we can save an additional 10%.

TDWI has leading experts in data and analytics teach their courses. The instructors will not only present core skills—they will also help us assess today’s needs and determine what we should be planning for next.

You can view the conference website here. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for considering my request.


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TDWI Anaheim

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August 5–10

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