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Strategy Summit

Expert Best Practices: The Evolution of the Data Governance Operating Model in the Era of Data Products and Generative AI

February 21, 2024

Prerequisite: None

Eric Falthzik

Associate Director, Data and AI Lead – Centre of Excellence

Accenture Applied Intelligence

It was just a few years ago when data governance practitioners created operating models that included roles like data steward, data owner, and data custodian. The steward and owner roles established and enabled business accountability for the quality and management of enterprise data. Councils were chartered to oversee and enforce policy. Tools were designed to create data catalogs and manage data quality.

Just a few years later, the traditional data governance approach feels very...old. Now, the operating model needs to integrate new roles and processes around the publishing, curation, and management of data products. The emergence of generative AI requires extensive data management and governance around how data is included in LLMs or SLMs and how queries should be "curated" to protect against AI-based hallucinations.

The world of data governance is rapidly changing, and organizations are struggling to keep up with new paradigms while attempting to drive modern approaches that enhance corporate data literacy and democratization with an aggressive mandate to deliver business value. Negotiating this ever-changing world is causing some sleepless nights for chief data officers, CIOs, and anyone else who works in data management. There is a new world of modern data governance that is on the front line of delivering data-driven decisions to organizations that fully expect to leverage data and AI for future success.

This session will provide some insight into where this all appears to be going and how to plan and execute in the future. New processes, new interactions, new collaborations, and new tools are required to stay afloat in this lightning-fast, changing world.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What are the new roles that are part of the data governance operating model?
  • How do these new roles fit with currently existing roles?
  • What tools are required for this new world of governing data products and generative AI models?
  • How are business processes and governance policies impacted in the new paradigm?
  • What should you be doing today to prepare and drive your organization forward?

Agenda Key

  • Analyst Insights: the latest trends and research delivered by TDWI analysts.
  • Expert Best Practices: experts, with in-the-trenches expertise, focus on best practices and successful real-world applications
  • Curated Case Studies: case studies, delivered by experts in the field, with a focus on actionable takeaways
  • Tech-in-Action: moderated technology demos and case study sessions that enable attendees to assess all the latest AI applications and technologies
  • Workshop: Interactive session where leaders come together with peers, with an expert facilitator, to discuss common challenges and proven best practices

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February 19–23