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Course Description

MK Keynote // Keeping Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Ethical

February 13, 2023

8:00 am - 8:55 am

Prerequisite: None

Bill Franks

Chief Analytics Officer

International Institute for Analytics

As more and more data continues to be collected and artificial intelligence capabilities continue to rapidly expand, concerns are constantly being raised about what data should be collected and what type of AI and data science processes are ethical. Unfortunately, there are still no firm societal standards or laws that make deciding what is ethical an easy decision in many real-world situations. Organizations must carefully and intentionally consider their own ethical standards and risk tolerance to make sure they do the right thing. This talk will cover a range of ethical, privacy, and legal issues that surround AI and data science today. It will challenge attendees’ thinking while providing examples that illustrate the tradeoffs and ambiguities that exist when deciding what is ethical and what is not.

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