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TDWI Transform 2024

Las Vegas | Feb. 19–23

Course Description

M6 Hands-On: Architecting Modern Analytic Ecosystems in the CloudNEW!

February 19, 2024

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisite: None

Michael L. Gonzales, Ph.D.

Chief Architect and Data Scientist


Enabled by cloud-based architecture, analytics has evolved into a new ecosystem, driven by a convergence of traditional business intelligence, machine learning, and data science. In order to leverage the full power of a cloud-enabled architecture, it is critical that sponsors and analysts understand this convergence to minimize fracturing of architecture, data, and people. In this course, you will learn a business-driven approach to establishing or rebalancing a modern, cloud-based ecosystem.

Through a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises, this course will prepare you to identify and measure user communities for cloud rebalancing or migration and establish an ecosystem that leverages the convergence of BI, machine learning, and data science.

Hands-on exercises will ground participants with tangible experience that enables a better and stronger learning experience. Students will connect to pre-configured environments that include Azure, PowerBI, and Python to complete these exercises. Although these tools will be used to illustrate the concepts, the skills you learn can be applied on any platform.

You Will Learn

  • How cloud environments accelerate the convergence of business intelligence (BI), machine learning (ML), and data science (DS).
  • The increased risk of tools and people fracturing in a cloud environment
  • How to create your own cloud rebalancing or migration readiness assessment model
  • Profiling and text mining techniques to understand application usage patterns and their data dependencies
  • The continuum of analytics enabled in cloud ecosystems (BI, ML, and DS) and techniques to assess their variety and relative scale
  • The role and application of operational databases, data lakes, data warehouses, and localized data marts
  • How to create a flow between core data resources that is leveraged by the continuum of analytics

Geared To

  • Data and business analysts
  • Citizen data scientists
  • Cloud rebalancing or migration sponsors
  • Anyone who wants to better understand the terms and technologies associated with modern cloud-based environments


A basic understanding of cloud-based terms, database concepts, and requirements gathering.

Useful, but not necessary: some understanding of SQL and Python programming.

Laptop Setup

Students must bring their laptops to class.

Machine Requirements:

Windows PC or Mac with

  • Ability to access email
  • Ability to execute Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, which must be installed prior to the class (see below)


Laptop setup is required BEFORE the conference. Instructions will be emailed to registrants before the event.

There is no time allotted in class for laptop preparation.

* Enrollment is limited to 35 attendees.

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TDWI Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
February 19–23