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TDWI Virtual Summit Series

Trends in Data Management

December 1—2, 2021

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At the TDWI Virtual Summit this December, you will learn how the latest trends in data management impact your BI and analytics program, how to harness new technologies to deliver new business solutions, and the changes to your planning and development processes required for successful business impact.

This interactive event will explore data management trends including NoSQL, multi-model databases, data fabric, data mesh, and more. You will learn how to match these trends to business needs, manage architectural change, modernize your environment, and deliver new breeds of analytics solutions.

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What To Expect

TDWI Virtual Summits provide the information and expertise you need to realize business value from data. Whether you're a new leader or a C-level executive, on the technical side or the business, attend this event for the skills, insights, and best practices to transform your data into better business decisions.

You will experience:

  • Two half days of high-quality content
  • Vendor-neutral sessions from TDWI analysts, faculty expert speakers, and case studies
  • Interactive roundtables that may feature your questions
  • Peer networking opportunities
  • Engaging demos on the hottest tools and technologies in the exhibit hall
  • Opportunities to have fun and win prizes along the way

Hot Topics

At the December Virtual Summit, our speakers will bring you up to speed on the latest trends in data management and provide the best practices you need to put this information to work in your business.

The TDWI research team will give you a clear view of important trends and developments, backed by in-depth quantitative research. Expert speakers will help you build a strategy that’s right for your business, and case study speakers will share their own journeys with you.

Topics will include:

  • Trends and emerging best practices for data management in real-world business environments, based on the latest quantitative research and analysis from TDWI
  • Data virtualization approaches that modernize data architecture, support rapid solution development, enable data pipeline development, and support solution prototyping
  • Data Fabric and data mesh architectures that support modern requirements for data latency and time-to-solution
  • The strengths of NoSQL technologies, what kind of business problems they solve, how they change roles and processes, and how they coexist with relational data management
  • Multi-model databases and the continued relevance of relational technology in modern data architectures
  • Organizational impacts on roles, program structure, development processes, and operations

Geared To

The TDWI Virtual Summit Series is geared to professionals in BI, analytics, and data management with an interest in driving business impact using data.

  • Business analysts, data engineers, and data governance managers
  • Architecture directors and managers
  • Data warehouse or analytics directors and managers
  • BI/analytics/data science directors and managers
  • Business executives and managers
  • CIOs, CDOs, CAOs, VPs, and directors of IT

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TDWI Virtual Summit
Trends in Data Management

December 1—2