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TDWI Transform 2024

San Diego | Aug 4–9

Course Description

M5A AI and Deep Learning: Techniques and Use Cases for Profitable ApplicationsNEW!

August 5, 2024

9:00 am - 12:15 pm

Duration: Morning

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisite: None

Keith McCormick

Principal Data Scientist


Nothing dominates the technology news cycle more than AI in its many forms, and for data professionals, the discussion often mentions deep learning. But what are the use cases for this technology? How do you know whether the challenge you are currently facing might need deep learning?

In this course, Keith McCormick will teach students what deep learning is and how it has become the tool of choice for certain applications. Then the instructor will present a series of examples. Each will set up a business challenge, and the instructor will discuss the most common tools used to address the challenge, the connection to deep learning, and some of the successful applications that can be found in industry.

Examples will be drawn from classic deep learning use cases, including computer vision, natural language processing, and large language models. Specific tools will be explicitly referenced, and software examples will be shown.

You Will Learn

  • What is new and not so new in contemporary machine learning
  • A brief history of deep learning and why it has become so important to the practical application of AI
  • How to identify and describe classic deep learning use cases and how to recognize them
  • Why deep learning is so closely related to contemporary computer vision and which applications are currently being successfully used in industry
  • The connection between deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) and which use cases have been most successfully addressed
  • Large language models (LLMs), their connection to deep learning, and some of the use cases associated with them

Geared To

  • Analytics leaders who want to identify profitable opportunities for AI
  • Data professionals who want to better understand deep learning and AI projects
  • Data scientists
  • Machine learning engineers
  • Data engineers

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TDWI San Diego

Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
1380 Harbor Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
August 4–9