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EXPERT SESSION: Succeeding with Data Management in the Era of AI: MLOps for the Modern Executive

November 6, 2023

Prerequisite: None

Deanne Larson, Ph.D.



Larson & Associates

The dawn of artificial intelligence (AI) has reshaped business operations, offering unparalleled efficiencies, insights, and competitive advantages. However, the backbone of this transformation, data, often remains underleveraged due to mismanagement, siloed teams, and outdated processes. This executive session dives into the nexus of data management and machine learning operations (MLOps)—a crucial intersection for businesses keen on maximizing AI's potential.

Understanding and adopting MLOps not only streamlines the machine learning lifecycle but ensures data integrity, reproducibility, and swift deployment. For business leaders, this translates to faster time-to-market, improved AI model performance, and, ultimately, enhanced ROI on AI investments. Join this session for exploration of MLOps, tailored for executives. The session covers the core components, underlines the strategic importance of robust data management, and outlines how to lead your organization into an era where AI isn't just implemented but is seamlessly integrated and continuously optimized.

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