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Establishing a Data Quality Strategy

All companies – small, medium, and large – need quality information to support their operational activities and business intelligence environments. The desired level of quality doesn’t just happen. It requires recognition of data as an asset and a commitment by both business and IT areas to governing and managing its content and the processes handling it.

Jonathan Geiger

How Data Governance Fosters the Evolution of Data Quality and MDM Initiatives

There are good reasons why data governance (DG) has become a critical success factor for a number of life-cycle stages within data quality (DQ) and master data management (MDM) initiatives.

Philip Russom, Ph.D.

Myths and Mandates for Self-Service BI

Many companies have self-service BI as their vision for empowering users. But empowerment can come at the price of overwhelming business users accustomed to receiving only a fixed report.

Cindi Howson

Real-Time Monitoring of Events for Business Insight

Companies in every industry operate in relation to a continuous sequence of many events – products are manufactured, sales are made, inventory is tracked, or packages are shipped. While there is no need to be notified when events happen as planned, when anomalies occur (such as a snow storm that prevents delivery), the organizations that receive early notification have an advantage over those that do not.

David Loshin

Faster, Must Go Faster: The Need for Operational BI

Business intelligence (BI) applications are playing an ever increasing and important role in driving and optimizing daily business operations. This trend is leading to major changes in both the functionality and the usability of BI-related technologies and products

Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D.

Real-Time Data Integration: An Infrastructure That Enables Fast-Paced Business

According to TDWI’s Next Generation Data Integration survey, the types of data integration functionality that are seeing the hottest adoption and growth today are those forms that involve real-time operation.

Philip Russom, Ph.D.