Real-time Data Delivery: The Nuts and Bolts of Operational BI

Webinar Abstract
Almost everyone understands the concept behind operational BI: let's speed delivery of data to users so they can spot problems or opportunities as they arise within core operational processes rather than find out after it's too late to make an impact. The idea is simple but implementing it seems complex. Do you re-architect your data warehousing environment to support real-time (or near-real-time) data? Or do you create a parallel decisioning environment designed from the ground-up to enhance operational decision making? What are the tradeoffs for working inside or outside the corporate sanctioned data warehousing architecture, and what organizational and architectural factors might dictate which option you choose?

If you decide to enhance your data warehousing environment to support low latency data and analysis, how do you ensure referential integrity and data quality and where do you perform the necessary transformations? How do you recover from errors when data continuously streams into the environment? How you deliver requisite scalability, availability, and reliability?

This Webinar will address these questions by providing some practical advice on how to architect an operational decision-making environment that works.

Wayne Eckerson

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