Three Blind Men and an Elephant: Overcoming Myopic Analytics


Webinar Abstract

When we examine information from several perspectives at the same time, we get a much different picture than one that comes from examining only one or two sides, or even from examining it from all sides, but one at a time. Seeing from all sides at once constructs a picture that is much richer and insightful. When analyzing data, this ability is essential for a comprehensive, accurate, and clear understanding. A computer-based presentation of information in this way deserves a name.

In this webinar, Stephen Few will discuss a concept called “faceted analytical display” which presents information simultaneously from several perspectives. Stephen will describe the power of faceted analytical displays and will then show how they can be used to spot otherwise hidden meanings in business information.

You will learn:

  • The meaning of “faceted analytical displays”
  • The analytical benefits of seeing data simultaneously from multiple perspectives
  • The limitations that are built into short-term memory and how faceted analytical displays work around them
  • The functionality that software can provide to increase the power of faceted analytical displays

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Stephen Few

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