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Ten Mistakes to Avoid cover image

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Modernizing Your Business Intelligence Programs: BI ALL Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Modernizing Your BI Programs

As you embark on your BI modernization effort, you would do well to learn from companies that have successfully completed their own BI modernization projects—and even from companies that have failed in that regard. If you can avoid their pitfalls, you can ensure a successful BI modernization initiative.

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BI Journal Volume 24 Number 2 cover image

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol 24, No 2
TDWI Member Exclusive: ADV ALL DWT ALL Business Intelligence Journal V24 N2

Remember the first time a recommendation engine suggested a movie you might like to watch or an album you might like to listen to? Was that surprising? Intriguing? Creepy? This issue looks at some of the unexpected pitfalls of advanced analytics, and more.