Business Intelligence Journal Volume 21 Number 4 cover

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 21, No. 4: Business Intelligence Journal Vol 21 No 4

Communication is vital to BI project success and project management is the subject of several articles in this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal. This issue also takes a look at safety and security from several different points of view.


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Informatica DM checklist cover image

TDWI Checklist Report | Data Management for Data Lakes in the Cloud: ARC ALL Informatica Data Management for Data Lakes in the Cloud

A lake or cloud can breathe new life into established enterprise data architectures (data warehouses, marketing channel data, digital supply chains) or create new and different ones (analytics labs and sandboxes, ecosystems of cloud-based operational applications). This report discusses the leading data management (DM) best practices you need for data lakes to be successful when deployed in the cloud.