TDWI Hot Topic // Teradata's Ambitions Soar with Teradata Cloud

October 21, 2013

The cloud might seem like a turbulent atmosphere in which to run a data warehouse.

That’s what makes Teradata Corporation’s latest push into the cloud so intriguing.

At its Partners conference in October 2013, Teradata unveiled the Teradata Cloud, a new cloud analytics service that consists of Teradata Data Warehouse and Teradata Aster Discovery platform, along with a Hadoop offering.

“The cloud is going to mimic what people want [in their] on-premises [resources] today. If there’s a value for the core Teradata Data Warehouse, if there’s a value for Aster Discovery, if there’s a value for Hadoop, a growing subset of companies are going to want that in a cloud delivery model,” says Ed White, general manager for cloud solutions with Teradata.

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