Ten Mistakes to Avoid In Dimensional Modeling

Ten Mistakes to Avoid In Dimensional Modeling: Asset


By Christopher Adamson

To attain the full potential of your dimensional model, it is necessary to master a broad range of principles, understand how and what to model, and avoid lapsing into habits from other modeling disciplines. A dimensional model of your business is an important asset of your BI program. Maximize its value by avoiding these 10 mistakes.

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Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Data Storytelling: Download


By Dave Wells

Data storytelling takes the next step beyond data visualization by connecting multiple visuals with narrative, offering interpretation, and inviting conversation. Crafting a good data story, however, is challenging. This Ten Mistakes to Avoid offers guidance to advance your storytelling skills and increase the impact of your data stories.

Infographic // Data Warehouse Modernization in the Age of Big Data Analytics: Download

No matter the vintage or sophistication of your organization’s data warehouse (DW) and the environment around it, it probably needs to be modernized to remain competitive, relevant, growing, and aligned with new business and technology requirements. User organizations, however, struggle to understand the trends and take the right action. In the recent TDWI Best Practices Report: Data Warehouse Modernization in the Age of Big Data Analytics, we take a look at the many issues and categories of modernization in data warehouse environments (DWEs), plus the strategies, methods, and enabling technologies that lead to success. Here are several of the key survey results.