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  • A Gentle Introduction to Apache Spark Databricks White paper cover

    If you are a developer or data scientist interested in big data, learn why Spark may be the tool for you. Databricks is happy to present this e-book as a practical introduction to Spark. more

  • Which Data Integration Solution Is Best for You? white paper Gartner

    Download the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools Report to find out! more

  • How to Migrate Your Data to the Cloud DataFactZ white paper cover image

    Companies, engineers, architects, developers, and users across the world are embracing data on the cloud, because of its cost-effectiveness and the performance boost it provides. Throughout the migration of data from on-premises to the cloud, one can expect challenges, surprises, but also great rewards. An organization should strategize such moves and be prepared with a list of all actionable items before attempting to migrate any data. more

  • Implementing Cloud Migration of a BI Tool DataFactZ white paper cover image

    Organizations are always looking to improve their operations with the most technologically advanced, yet most cost-effective solutions. This applies to the area of business intelligence and reporting as well. It is quickly becoming a norm for companies to migrate their data to the cloud, and we can expect a similar trend for companies to use those cloud services for their BI and reporting needs. DataFactZ had the opportunity to oversee this type of implementation for one of the Midwest’s biggest food distribution companies. more

  • Ovum Enterprise Case Study: Building Flexible and Scalable Data Platforms Cloudera white paper cover image

    To further drive the IoT insurance market and build on its market position, Octo Telematics needed to develop an IoT and telematics platform with the functionality, flexibility, and scale to support the next evolution of IoT-based insurance propositions. more

  • Move Your Big Data Into The Public Cloud Cloudera white paper cover image

    Read this report to understand the speed at which the public cloud will unseat on-premises big data technology and solutions. This report will also help accelerate your plans, explain your options, and provide a four- step method for evolving your big data road map. more

  • Looking Before You Leap Into the Cloud Cloudera white paper cover image

    Learn EMA's best practices for driving toward analytic initiatives in the cloud and the key to cloud success. more

  • A Modern Data Platform for the Cloud Cloudera Modern Data Platform cover

    Download this white paper to explore common application patterns companies are employing to get more value from their data in the cloud. more

  • TDWI Checklist Report | Modernizing Data Warehouse Infrastructure Cloudera Checklist cover image

    Users ignore the modernization of deep warehouse infrastructure at their peril. Without it, they may achieve complete, clean, and beautifully modeled data, but without the ability to scale to big data, iterate data models on the fly, enable flexible self-service access, operate continuously and in real-time (as warehouses must in global businesses), and handle new data types and workflows for advanced analytics. more

  • 2018 TDWI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report 2018 TDWI BI and Analytics Salary Survey cover image

      This past year saw BI salaries continue their steady rise. Read more in the 2018 TDWI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report. more

  • Data Warehouse Automation Tools: Product Categories and Positioning

    Data warehouse automation (DWA) tools eliminate the manual effort required to design, deploy, and operate a data warehouse. This turns data warehouse development from a laborious, time-consuming exercise into an agile one. This white paper describes how there are many other factors that customers should consider before purchasing a DWA product. more



  • Squeeze Every Drop of Business Value from Your Data Lake

    Data catalogs contribute ease, precision, and productivity of analytics, self-service, and governance to modern data platforms. Learn how a catalog can inventory data in a data lake for self-service data exploration and data-driven operations and help users find the right data quickly. more

  • Multiplatform Data Architectures

    The content of this webinar is based on the research findings of a new Best Practices Report by TDWI’s Philip Russom called “Multiplatform Data Architectures: Addressing Complex Modern Requirements for Hybrid Data and its Business Use”. more

  • Modern Metadata Management: Boosting BI capacity with automation and machine learning

    This webinar discusses many of these functions and their business impact, including intelligent tool automation, embedded analytics, metadata scanning, and metadata management. more

  • New Practices in Data Cataloging

    This webinar will drill into the new functionality that is available through data cataloging, plus the beneficial use cases for both business and technical programs. more

  • Getting Started with Data Integration in the Cloud

    TDWI has recently completed a new Checklist Report that gets users started with data integration in the cloud. The report looks at current trends and requirements, then recommends starting points and best practices for users who need to embrace cloud data integration. more

  • How to Design a Data Lake with Business Impact in Mind

    In this webinar you will learn what organizations need from a data lake and how to accommodate data labs, sandboxes, self-service, and other data exploration approaches. You'll also learn how business requirements deeply affect data lake design patterns and system architectures, plus how most data lakes integrate tightly with data warehouses, analytics repositories, marketing campaign and channel data, and other enterprise data environments. more

  • Data Architecture for IoT Communications and Analytics

    This webinar explores some fundamental aspects of IoT data architecture that will continuously adapt to the dynamic nature of massive numbers of connected sensors and other end-point devices. We will examine IoT communication, data streaming, ingestion and analysis, and deployment of developed analytical models for automated and predictive decision making. more

  • Modernizing Data Analytics: Moving Beyond Hadoop

    In this webinar, we will explore some of the past factors that motivated the move to Hadoop for data management and analysis and then consider the relevance of those factors as we move toward the future. We will then discuss alternatives for modernized data warehousing, followed by a discussion of how to dovetail the use of Hadoop in a modernized data warehouse environment. more

  • The Automation and Optimization of Advanced Analytics based on Machine Learning

    In this TDWI webinar, you will learn about data, tool, platform, and technology requirements for machine learning and how automation can help optimize ML-driven advanced analytics. more

  • Ask the Expert: Demystifying Semantics and Ontologies
    TDWI Members Only

    In this Ask the Expert webinar, Ted Hills will answer your questions about semantics and ontologies, explain the increasingly significant role they are playing in modern data architecture, and explain how you can get started in this fascinating and value-rich field. more

  • Six Strategies for Balancing Risk with Data Value

    In this TDWI webinar, we’ll consider data value and intelligence in the context of compliance. more

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      November 11-16, 2018
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      Look into the future of big data and analytics and end the year strong with TDWI Orlando. An annual fan-favorite, this event presents big data trends, data management at scale, and predictive analytics education so you can implement what’s new and what’s next in the industry.

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      November 12-13, 2018
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      An interactive summit for business, IT, and analytics leaders who select and implement emerging technologies to solve new challenges and align with new business opportunities. Register and participate in engaging sessions, network with your peers and learn best practices from the leaders of the data revolution.