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  • Data Preparation for Predictive Analytics

    This one-day session will expose analytics practitioners, data scientists, and those looking to get started in predictive analytics to the critical importance of selecting, transforming, and properly preparing data ahead of model building. more

  • Hands-on Data Manipulation and Cleaning in Python

    Data manipulation and cleaning in machine learning is estimated to take more than 50% of the time allotted for any given machine learning project. This course will cover topics important in handling structured and unstructured data, scraping data in Python, including using key packages such as Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib. more

  • Introduction to Data Wrangling

    This course addresses how to translate the problem statement, identifying data sources, exploring the data for relationships and recognize patterns, identifying the starting inputs for the model, preparing data, and validating it for the model fitting process. more

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