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  • Preparing for the Cloud Data Platform

    Learn how to successfully use cloud data platforms. We’ll define the options and explore the relationships among cloud providers, multicloud, cloud data platforms, cloud data warehouses, and cloud data lakes and the real-world use cases and infrastructure roles for cloud data platforms. June 23, 2020 view now

  • Critical Success Factors for the Cloud Data Lake

    What’s driving the popularity of cloud for data lakes and warehouses? Explore data lake use cases, failure factors, the roles that SQL and the relational paradigm play in a cloud data lake, and best practices for migrating an on-premises data lake or data warehouse to the cloud. April 23, 2020 view now

  • 2020 and Beyond: Architecting Your Data Warehouse for the New Decade

    Is your data architecture ready for the challenges ahead? Join experts from TDWI, Microsoft, and Qlik as they explore current data practices and offer insights to help you reinvent analytics-ready BI from your cloud data warehouse and stay ahead in the years to come. February 26, 2020 view now

  • Modernizing Data Integration for Cloud Data Warehouses and Lakes

    Compare data integration with cloud versus on-premises systems, learn new capabilities of vendor-built or open-source data integration tools (pipelining, orchestration, and transformation), and explore real-world use cases for modern data integration in data warehousing and analytics. January 28, 2020 view now

  • Gain Control of Your Data Lake

    In this webinar we explore data governance concepts for the cloud-based data lake. You’ll also learn about data lake architecture alternatives, data sensitivity and the need for data protection, how to protect against unauthorized data exposure, and tips for encouraging governed data sharing. October 29, 2019 view now

  • Blending Cloud Data Lakes and Cloud Data Warehouses for Speed, Trust, and Agility

    Cloud data lake and cloud data warehouse strategies do not need to conflict with each other. Instead, learn how data lakes and data warehouses can be blended to speed time to reporting and analytics while raising overall trust in the data and enabling fast deployment and turnaround. August 22, 2019 view now