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TDWI Analytics Maturity Model and Assessment Tool

How mature is your analytics program?

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Today, organizations realize that business intelligence (BI), data discovery, and advanced analytics can provide important competitive advantages, and thus want to evolve their analytics strategies beyond spreadsheets or simple BI reporting and dashboards. Many seek to build a broad “analytics culture” in which data analysis plays an essential role in all decisions and is fundamental to business collaboration.

TDWI has developed an analytics maturity model to help you determine the maturity of your organization's analytics initiatives when compared with other companies. The model provides the big picture of an analytics program, where it needs to go, and where you should concentrate your attention to create more value for your data.

Complete the online assessment and receive a set of scores indicating your analytics maturity across five key dimensions: organization, infrastructure, data management, analytics, and governance. You will be able to compare your score against others and filter results by industry and company size.

Get customized best practices based on your score.

The TDWI Analytics Maturity Model Guide is designed to help you understand the phases of maturity in analytics, interpret your assessment scores, and provide best practices to move you forward. Its customized strategies and actionable recommendations can help you quickly advance your analytics initiatives to gain more value.


Note: In addition to your TDWI login, the assessment requires a short registration process (first name, last name, e-mail) on the survey site if you have not previously taken one of our assessments. This simple registration enables you to complete your survey at another time and also provides access to assessment analytics to determine how your results compare to those of your peers. After you register for the assessment, you may be contacted by our sponsors.