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TDWI Data Literacy Maturity Model Assessment

Data Literacy Maturity Model Assessment

Are you ready to support data-driven practices across the enterprise?


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Today, more organizations than ever before are expanding their data and analytics strategy to audiences across the enterprise. Data literacy is critical for the success of these expanding BI and analytics programs.

However, TDWI research indicates many organizations do not have sufficient levels of data literacy. Whether interpreting visualizations produced by other people or building full-scale analytics models, understanding how to interpret and use data is a critical skill.

TDWI has updated this Data Literacy Maturity Model Assessment to help organizations understand their data literacy efforts. It provides a quick way for organizations to assess their maturity in data literacy and compare themselves against others with literacy initiatives.

The assessment tool and its questions are focused on the organization as a whole as opposed to the individual, although we do ask questions about individual skills. It provides a framework for companies to understand where they are, where they’ve been, and where they still need to go to support data literacy.


Learn How to Improve

TDWI Data Strategy Assessment Guide

The updated TDWI Data Literacy Maturity Model Assessment Guide provides an explanation of the maturity model. It is designed to help you understand the phases of maturity in data literacy and interpret your assessment scores.

You may find it helpful to read the guide before taking the assessment so you are prepared to interpret the scores displayed at the end of the questionnaire; however, the guide and the tool can each be used independently, so you can work with them in either order.

3 Move Forward With Your Results:

TDWI's Executive Program: Data Literacy allows data and analytics leaders to dive deeper into their assessment results to better understand how to move forward with proven best practices. Apply to attend this free virtual event for executives, Aug 31 – Sept 1, featuring expert guidance, case studies, and more!


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