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TDWI Advanced Analytics Maturity Model

How mature is your advanced analytics program?

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According to TDWI’s surveys about plans for analytics, predictive analytics and machine learning are at the top of many organizations’ to-do lists. Excitement continues to grow as more organizations see the value in sophisticated statistical models, machine learning, neural networks, text analytics, advanced visualization, and other advanced data mining techniques. Although the benefits of advanced technologies should help promote projects, there are still numerous challenges that prevent organizations from growing in their advanced analytics efforts.

TDWI has developed an advanced analytics maturity model to help you evaluate the maturity of your organization's advanced analytics initiatives when compared with other companies. The model provides you with a picture of your current advanced analytics program, with a focus on predictive analytics and machine learning, and helps you determine where you canfocus your resources to evolve your practice to the next level.

Complete the online assessment and receive a set of scores indicating your advanced analytics maturity across five key dimensions: organization, data infrastructure, resources, analytics, and governance. You will be able to compare your score against others and view results by industry and company size.

TDWI Advanced Analytics Maturity Model Guide Cover

The TDWI Advanced Analytics Maturity Model Guide is designed to help you understand the phases of maturity, interpret your assessment scores, and provide insight and advice to move you forward. By explaining current trends and best practices, the guide will help you gain more value from your analytics.

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