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The technologies, architectures, and practices needed to manage data as a critical enterprise asset. It is a broad field, within which there are specialized disciplines.

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  • Data Management for Advanced Analytics

    Learn about the business and technology trends and business use cases driving the need for data management for advanced analytics. We’ll examine benefits and barriers, plus how these affect user planning and tool choice as well as tool and platform requirements for common use cases. June 17, 2020 view now

  • Ask the Expert: Cloud Data Platforms

    This webinar will review the critical capabilities of cloud data platforms, including performance, security, and governance, and how to get started with a cloud data platform (including migration considerations, secure data sharing, and picking the right workloads). April 30, 2020 view now

  • Critical Success Factors for the Cloud Data Lake

    What’s driving the popularity of cloud for data lakes and warehouses? Explore data lake use cases, failure factors, the roles that SQL and the relational paradigm play in a cloud data lake, and best practices for migrating an on-premises data lake or data warehouse to the cloud. April 23, 2020 view now

  • One Source of Truth: Optimize Your Data Lake Pipeline for Faster Business Insights

    Leaders from TDWI, Databricks, and Qlik will share how an end-to-end platform can deliver a single source of truth for data analytics and provide actionable insights. They’ll explain trends in AI and analytics that require diverse data sources and discuss how to leverage an enterprise data catalog. April 22, 2020 view now

  • New Directions in Modern Data Management: Open Source and in the Cloud

    In this panel discussion, TDWI affiliate analyst David Loshin will pose directed questions to some of today’s data management experts who will reflect on new and emerging practices and techniques and provide answers that help attendees plan successful modernization programs. April 21, 2020 view now

  • Six Strategies for Enabling Central IT to Deploy Cloud Data Management More Effectively

    Learn how central IT can develop a positive, effective strategy for cloud data management and how you can take advantage of the cloud’s benefits while tending to enterprise concerns across on-premises and cloud systems, including governance, security, data management, and performance. April 16, 2020 view now

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